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People living in villages along the Ganga will soon have access to individual household toilets or community sanitary complexes as part of the new MADWS’s efforts to clean up the holy river. The toilets will have to be built by states through which the river flows under a drive spearheaded by the Ministries of MADWS Water and Sanitation to stop the phenomenon of people defecating on the riverside.With the partnership of SBM/Swajal Department Uttarkashi and Habitat for Humanity India New Delhi is construting 1000 households toilets in district Uttarkashi to ensure open defication free district and aware the people to use the toilets defication and the enviroment and clean the drinking water as well.

The MADWS Ministries recently wrote to all Uttarkashi through which the Ganga flows that people were deficating on the banks and polluting the river, which is a key source of drinking water too.“Residents of villages along with the Ganga River are found deficating at the riverside, including areas close to town and municipal limits. This is causing untold pollution to river Ganga, which needs to be urgently checked. Also, the quality of drinking water to the towns and villages, which is being sourced from the river, is getting polluted and spoilt,” Secretary in the Ministries of MADWS Water and Sanitation, said in the letter written to the governments & Non Governments funding agencies of Uttarakhand and India around. MADWS ministries planning and working regularly to clean Ganga river time to time for the better environment and sanitation


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