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Sahara Christian Academy is an English medium educational Institute of Mission for Anath Development & Welfare Society based at Gusain Bhawan Joshiyara Uttarakashi from where thousands of students pass out with excellent grades and remarks and presently 245 students are taking education regularly in the School.Sahara Christian Academy is fourteen years old and a well maintained school. The school was started on 06th of April 2003 and recognized by the Government of Uttarakhand on 28th of March 2005 upto class V and upgraded for class VIII from 16 December 2014 to 2019 for five years. This humble Institute formed and established by Rev.R. Stephen Diyali and managed by Mrs. Radhika Rachel Diyali who came and brought from Sikkim from the good-Christian family and community, and dedicated this service for the benefit of underprivileged children like Orphans, disable and poor children in the community mainly. The school fully managed in proper educational guidelines under strict discipline and control. School professionals and teachers are educationally trained and spiritually committed and aware as well. Many Orphans and poor students have been studied free of cost upto class VIII and pass out with excellent grades and remarks from this school.Sahara Christian Academy is one of the reputed school based in Village Joshiyara Block Bhatwari District Uttarkashi Uttarakhand India.The school is covering both rural and urban students of the surrounding areas of District Uttarkashi. This school has been established by faith for the noble cause of God. It has neither sponsor nor any supporters but fully self-supported for non-profit stand and totally independent to act the need of hour at any crucial time to solve the problems of helpless people in this area. Vision of this school/society is to accept the rejected people from their own community and bind them in the love of God and make them a good citizen for the Nation. We heartily welcome volunteers and educational teachers to serve the good and spiritual education and holistic activities here among the very poor and needy students for their better future. God will bless the people. 


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